About the


Our world today is divided by far too many denominations. Most of these have ended up hurting humanity, significantly increasing poverty, oppression and suffering.

It is time for us to find common ground and leverage this collective understanding. Its time to leave a better tomorrow for the generations to come.

There are a few things that strike a chord with every single living being on earth, like our innate ability to be kind, loving and compassionate. But, the greatest one of them all - with the power to dissolve boundaries - is music.

The Trustees

Under the patronage of Mr. A.R. Rahman, India's preeminent music composer and the guidance of his mother, Ms. Kareema Begum the day-to-day operations of ARRF are overseen by the other trustees, Ms. Fatima Rafiq and Ms. Khatija Rahman.


The Vision

Providing Opportunity & Strengthening Harmony


THE Mission

The Foundation will create opportunities for everyone - especially the underprivileged - to lead a better life, both mentally and physically, through music, education and leadership building.



and Goals

As an inclusive organization, the Foundation will provide equal opportunities to the economically disadvantaged. Through collaborative efforts with other groups, individuals and organizations, the Foundation will explore innovate ways to achieve its goals. By setting standards in best practices for delivery of its services, the Foundation will strive to be an inspirational role model. With systems in place to ensure transparency & accountability, the Foundation is committed to being proactive, sensitive and responsive.

The Foundation aims to make it possible for children with underprivileged backgrounds to get the education they desire, and one day inspire and build at least ten thousand leaders - leaders who come from the most deprived sections across the country.

These leaders will one day be the "changemakers" that the world will look up to, each in their respective fields of expertise. The Foundation aims to create an active global forum, bridging the differences between races and communities.